About Leichter Leichter-Maroko LLP

Leichter Leichter-Maroko LLP provides specialized services for individuals in need of consultation, representation, or alternative dispute resolution in matters of Family Law, including:

» Traditional Client Representation

» Private Judging/Arbitration

» Reference/Case Management

» Consultation/Case Evaluation/Evaluative Mediation

For over 40 years, Alexandra Leichter, a Certified Family Law Specialist certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, has successfully handled an extensive range of family law cases and issues, including litigating and negotiating complex property division, child support and spousal support issues, and high conflict custody cases. She combines a renowned knowledge of the law with a deep personal commitment to serving the clients’ needs. Alexandra is also a Certified Family Law Arbitrator, certified by the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), and she is retained by attorneys as an arbitrator, adjudicator by reference, private judge, or mediator.

With tenacity, dedication, and a prominent reputation for ethics and excellence across the legal community, Alexandra considers her work far more than a “job.” She’s driven by a personal passion to help individuals and families resolve their family law matters as quickly, fairly, and cost-effectively as possible, allowing them to move forward with their new lives.

More than a problem solver or legal advocate, Alexandra is relentlessly dedicated to resolving family law disputes — whether by representing clients in Court, by acting as a Consultant or Case Evaluator to help other attorneys resolve their own clients’ cases, or by providing alternative dispute resolution services as a Private JudgeArbitratorReferee or Case Manager.

Indeed, Alexandra’s dedication to her craft is just one of the reasons former clients and attorneys, as well as opposing counsel and opposing parties, not only refer her to others, but remain in contact long after their legal issues have been resolved.

Ariel Leichter-Maroko is a seasoned family law attorney and a Certified Family Law Specialist, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, whose investigative, research and writing skills are unparalleled in the family law community. He is a fearsome litigator whose superior evaluative skills and attention to detail enable him to secure justice in the settlement conference room as well as in the courtroom. Ariel is also a talented appellate attorney, and his legal insights and keen analytical skills are evident in his appellate briefs, which are of the highest quality. He is known by his clients, opposing counsel, and even opposing parties, as fair and imperturbable.

Jenna C. Spatz is a very talented attorney in the firm, whose writing skills, endearing personality, deep interest in the welfare of the client, and quick assessment of issues in family law matters, make clients feel confident that their case will get immediate and thorough attention. Family law clients love the immediate, careful attention Jenna lavishes on every case, and no fact or detail escapes her. She has been lauded by every client for her impressive recall and her ability to focus on key factual and legal issues central to the case.

Shirley A. Levine, the firm’s long-time legal assistant has won the praises of clients and attorneys as a result of over 28 years of attentive, intelligent, and empathetic attention to the most minute detail necessary to resolve each family law case. Each client receives Shirley’s individual attention at all times. Shirley has a tremendously calming impact on many clients in stressful situations, and remains available to them throughout their case.