Family Law Traditional Client Representation in Litigation and Negotiations

The firm provides skilled and knowledgeable legal representation to individuals who need resolution of their family law issues. The firm’s attorneys boast the combined experience of five decades representing clients in complex family law matters, including very high-conflict custody/visitation disputes, high income spousal/child support cases, multi-faceted property issues and jurisdictional contests. As a result the firm is able to render an extraordinary level of skill and understanding of the law, as well as an understanding of the psychological and emotional needs of clients who are undergoing some of the most traumatic events of their lives.

All efforts are made to successfully resolve issues through negotiation, and most cases are successfully resolved without trial. But the firm’s attorneys are not afraid to fight for the clients’ rights in court. To that end, they have earned a reputation across the legal community as a well-prepared, tenacious, and highly accomplished force. The firm’s attorneys are fiercely loyal advocates and place the needs of the clients first while maintaining strict ethical bounds of advocacy.