Family Law Reference (Pursuant to CCP §638 or §639)

The parties themselves (under CCP §638) or the courts (under CCP §639) can appoint Alexandra as a Referee to decide various key issues in a family law matter or to make recommendations to the court regarding resolution of disputes at depositions or other discovery matters. Key benefits of this approach include:

  • Alexandra can make recommendations to the judge regarding discovery matters, such as claims of privilege, and can make immediate rulings on objections during depositions of parties and witnesses. This helps streamline the discovery process and reduce the number of court appearances.
  • Alexandra can oversee division of personal property to ensure that it proceeds in accordance with the parties’ agreement or the court’s order.
  • Alexandra can provide the parties with expeditious rulings on complex accounting and other issues, to reduce the parties’ reliance on the overworked and under-funded public court system.

Family Law Evaluative Mediation

Too often attorneys and clients believe that the only way to resolve a case is by going to trial.  That is not true.  Alexandra proves, as she has in innumerable settlement conferences, that the most entrenched litigants can settle their family law cases as long as a forceful, knowledgeable, experienced, outsider can evaluate their case, give knowledgeable opinions on the chances of success on their legal and factual theories, and thus accomplish settlement in some of the most intransigent and difficult cases.  Alexandra’s successful career in litigating complex family law cases renders her uniquely qualified to help settle these cases even if it’s on the eve of a scheduled lengthy trial.

Family Law Case Management

Parties looking for a cost-effective and non-confrontational way to move their family law matter forward expeditiously can retain Alexandra as a Case Management Referee. In this role, she will:

  • Oversee the orderly production of documents.
  • Schedule depositions.
  • Curtail abuse of the discovery process.
  • Assist in creating timelines and guidance for the systematic preparation of the case.

Most public judicial officers don’t have the time to provide these services.  Alexandra is both qualified and capable of implementing these case management services.