Celebrity Divorce Lawyer FAQs

Is mediation quicker than litigation?


Generally, mediation is done quicker than litigation. However, it ultimately depends on the complexity of the case and the willingness of the two parties coming to an agreement.

Can information from mediation be used in court?


No, information from mediation generally cannot be used in court.

What are the benefits of mediation?


There are many great benefits of mediation, including:

  • It is handled in a confidential and comfortable environment
  • It is often more efficient and less costly than litigation
  • It is mutually beneficial, as the result is something both parties have agreed to, rather than something imposed by judge against at least one of the parties’ wills
  • It can result in a more harmonious outcome in the end, which benefits both parties
  • It is generally faster than litigation

Is mediation a preferred alternative to litigation for celebrities?


Mediation may be a preferred alternative to litigation for celebrities, as the information disclosed in mediation generally cannot be used in court. Therefore, it is often much more private than litigation. It also allows the parties to participate in open and candid discussions, which can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for both parties.

What is mediation?


Mediation is a process involving a neutral third party who assists the two disputing parties to reach a resolution to their conflict. Mediation has become a preferable alternative to litigation, as it is less adversarial, more private, potentially less expensive than litigation, and often promotive of cooperation between the parties after the divorce or dispute.

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