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Case Evaluation

The perspective and guidance LLM's attorneys offer can be the difference between a matter that moves forward, and one that gets bogged down and becomes stressful, expensive, and time-consuming.

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A successful outcome to a family law dispute often depends on the amount of information obtained by the parties before the legal process begins. LLM provides clients with the focus, direction and strategy they need to wisely move ahead through the process and avoid litigation pitfalls.

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Evaluative Mediation

Alexandra’s successful career in litigating complex family law cases renders her uniquely qualified to help settle these cases even if it’s on the eve of a scheduled lengthy trial.

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Case Management

Parties looking for a cost-effective and non-confrontational way to move their family law matter forward expeditiously can retain Alexandra as a Case Management Referee.

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Family law litigants who want someone, like a judge, to resolve their disputes, but want that resolution to remain private and out of the public eye, can retain Alexandra to provide either binding (i.e., court-enforced) or non-binding arbitration.

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Private Judging

As a Private Judge, Alexandra Leichter is available to other attorneys and their clients to provide an efficient, cost-effective, and family-centered approach to dissolving marriages and resolving other family law issues.

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